1 Which Of The Following Is True Of Meningoencephalitis

Find answers on: 1. Which of the following is true of meningoencephalitis?.

1.    Which of the following is true of meningoencephalitis?

A.   Most common causative organism is Entamoeba histolytica

B.   Involves inflammation of the brain

C.   Commonly found in HIV patients

D.   Infection does not lead to fatal conditions 

1.    Which of the following is not true about rabies?

A.   Is a typical zoonosis

B.   Incubation periods varies from several hours to several days

C.   Symptoms can include hydrophobia

1.    Which bacteria is associated with digestive tract biofilm?

A.   Franciscella tularensis

B.   Yersinia pestis

C.   H. influenza

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