Applied Sciences homework help

Lab Assignment #1 Instructions: Set up a sample dataset on SPSS (5 points)

Instructions (READ THEM ALL!): You may work on your own or with another student, but each student must have their own dataset. Please read through all of the instructions below before starting the assignment. You should save your work often. Consider using your H drive to save files.

Take your time and let me know if you have any questions!

1. Create a fictional child and come up with imaginary data for each of the variables below.
• Grade should range from 1 to 12.
• ID should be the last 4 digits of your phone number.
• IQ should be between 70-120

2. Collect the data from 10 classmates’ fictional children. Organize the data on a piece of notebook paper.

3. On SPSS. Create the variables using the following code sheet as a guide (don’t worry about other columns) and record the data that you collected:

Name Type Width Decimals Label Values Missing
ID Numeric 8 0 Child ID Number (none) (none)
Sex Numeric 8 0 Child Sex 0 = Male
1 = Female 999
Ethnicity Numeric 8 0 Child Ethnicity 0 = African American
1 = Asian
2 = Caucasian
3 = Hispanic/Latino
4 = Multiple categories 999
Education Numeric 8 0 Parental Education 0 = Neither parent graduated college
1 = One parent graduated college
2 = Both parents graduated college 999
Grade Numeric 8 0 Child Grade Level (none) 999
IQ Numeric 8 0 Child IQ Score (none) 999
Height Numeric 8 0 Child Height inches (none) 999
Weight Numeric 8 0 Child Weight pounds (none) 999
Laterality Numeric 8 0 Child laterality 0 = Right-handed
1 = Left-handed
2 = Either hand 999


4. Ask another student (not your partner) to check your work. Ask his/her name. Make any changes he/she suggests (if they are correct  ).

5. Ask the instructor to check your work. Raise your hand when you are ready; I will get to you as soon as possible! Be sure to make any changes suggested.

6. To receive credit for this assignment:
• Go into Lab Assignment #1 on CCs
• Copy (Ctrl C) and paste (Ctrl V) your responses to the following questions.
• Include the questions in your response (i.e., include the question AND your response).
• You should not submit your SPSS dataset (but you may save it for future reference if you’d like):

A. With whom did you work (if anyone):

B. Which student checked your work? (must have another student check your work who is different than the person you named in A)

C. Did the instructor check your work? Did you make changes that were suggested? Summarize the changes you made.

D. Please share your reaction to today’s assignment. You can tell us whether this assignment was helpful in starting to learn or re-learn SPSS, what you still feel confused/unsure about, anything that surprised you about setting up a dataset and/or data entry, suggestions to improve the assignment, etc.: