business communication

Thesis : with changes in our society violence has become a form of entertainment. in a median in which this is most seen is in the video game industry. althought the software companies that create these games have a moral responsibilities to control the violence the final respnosibilties relys on the parents who choose to ignore the federal rating systems to which the software companioes comply and purchase these violent games for childrem who ages is not intended for. 


Must have : Information abdou Grand Theft Auto 5 violence, federal rating systems, articles on children being esposed early to violence , pursue audience that its parents fault not video game creaters. 


Visual : Must have impact , Has to directly explain and help explain point , do not be vague in ANYTHING . 


Handout: Memo form  ” To : , From : , Date: , Subject , Material in memo : Bullet points of important information . ” 


 5 minute Powerpoint presentation , No paper needed , just memo .


Need by : 4-5 pm .. NY time.