Business Law – 3 part assignment

Business Law – Unused/ Original Work 3 part of the assignment

  1. Outline
  2. Essay
  3. Pier Outline responses

 Assignment must be returned in 3 seperate documents 


No copy-paste work!!


Outline a paper (the paper below) Outline (use example outlinging technique below)


  I.     Introduction

A.    Thesis

B.    Roles/Arguments

            II.     Douglass as Lecturer

A.    History as slave and acquisition of education

1)     He “experienced slavery”

2)     Literacy allowed expression

B.    Early lectures, including initial speech before Garrison

1)     Success of initial speech

2)     Goals for future speeches

C.    Effect of lectures on society



Unused/ Original Work 2000 word min


As an entrepreneur, you want to start a business. You know that the first step is to consider drafting a business plan proposal to organize all of your ideas. For this assignment, you will be submitting a business plan proposal for your imaginary business. For research purposes, you can choose any state for the location of your business. Your business plan should include the following:

  • Introduction of the proposed business
  • Description and explanation of the type of business entity that is best for your business
    • Partnership, corporation, etc. (for purposes of this assignment, you should NOT choose a sole proprietorship for your business entity.)
    • Provide explanation for your choice of business entity (advantages/disadvantages of the selected type of business entity)
  • Description of the specific steps needed to be followed to successfully and legally start the business
    • Steps will vary, depending on the type of business you choose
    • Good sources of research for this area include the following:
      • Textbooks
      • State statutes (for example, Chapters 47 and 48 of the South Dakota Codified Laws include information on the business formation process)
      • The Small Business Administration Web site will be helpful; it includes information on how to start a small business
  • A draft of the appropriate written agreement for the particular type of entity chosen
    • Articles of incorporation, articles of organization, partnership agreement, etc.
  • A draft of a valid contract with a vendor, supplier, customer, etc. that illustrates all elements of a contract and takes into consideration some of the topics discussed in the contract chapters


100 word critique to the following outline – Using the following criteria

 identify what was done well, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.


Business Proposal:

·         Business name: City Fashion

a.       Clothing retail store that is similar to what you would find in NY city. Retail that is very new to Colorado small towns.

·         Location: Colorado Springs. Colorado

·         Business type: Partnership

a.       Pros of a partnership

b.       Cons of a partnership

·         Steps to start my business

a.       Train for starting a business

b.       Write a business plan

c.         Choose a location

d.       Find financing /startup costs

e.        Legal structure 

f.        Register

g.        Tax registration

1.       State

2.       Federal

·         Example of partnership agreement

·         Vendor contract


·         Supplier contract