COMM 200 Communications Theory

Research Essay:


Review your course material, modules, and discussions. Select a topic that interests you and you desire 

to learn more about that is directly relevant to the nature of communication. Research this topic in the 

school library. Identify and read at least one book and 4 to 6 peer reviewed articles on the topic. On that 

basis, develop a position and write a short essay that explains your position and provides a good 

argument. Use at least one practical example to illustrate what you have learned about communication 

through your research. 

Sample topics might be:


 Different cultures communicate differently in language and cultural expectations.

 Communication is what allows human groups to work together effectively. 

 Organizations become stronger when they have richer internal communication systems. 

 International relations face difficulties due to different cultural expectations in communication. 

 The Internet is changing the way human beings communicate. 

Make sure your essay is well organized with an introduction and a conclusion. Use the APA style 

guidelines for the essay and its references. The total length must be at least 2000 words.