H The Regional Government Ofce That Deals With Passport Applications Is Designin

I have already finished the first and second questions. Hope someone can help me solve the last one. Thank you so much!!

h] The regional government office that deals with passport applications is designing a processthat will check applications and issue the doctmtents. The number of applications to beprocessed is LEDU per week and the time available to process the applications is 4t] hours per week. i. What is the required cycle time for the process? {11] marks} " I i If the total work content of all the activities that make up the total task of checkingprocessing and issuing a passport is, on average, it] minutes; how many people will heneeded to meet demand? (Ifl‘r’fi’aTlETsT ‘ iii. The passport office has a ‘clear desk” policy that means that all desks must be clear ofwork by the end of the day. How man}.r applications should be loaded onto the processin the morning in order to ensure that every one is completed and desks are clear by the end of the day? {assume a working dag,r of 15 hours i or 45d minutes) 214.gll-maflfi‘j’fl’

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