Here Are The Following Instructions Below 1 Wayne Baker Shafritz Sub Ch 33 The N

Here are the following instructions below:

1. Wayne Baker (Shafritz Sub Ch 33 “The Network Organization in Theory and Practice”) discusses the network organization. Compare and contrast the network organization to the bureaucracy model of Weber in terms of organizational integration and differentiation. How do you see the limits and potentials of the network organization in your current workplace or previous work?

2. Schein discusses “survival anxiety” and “learning anxiety in Chapter 16. Discuss how you see these constructs in your current workplace or previous workplaces (my work place is the Army Corps of Engineers located in San Francisco), in particular in leaders, managers and colleagues. How do you see these manifest themselves in how you approach your own work and personal/professional change management?

3. Consider Schein’s ten ideas for creating a learning culture (pages 344-349, Chapter 17). What do see as the promises and risks with this approach? What potential does it offer you to be a “Learning-Oriented Leader”?

Note: Question 1 is from the book of Classics of Organization Theory. Question 2&3 is from the book of Edgar H. Shcein. Also please make sure you answer these question thoroughly and in detail. Make sure you response is clear and understanding with no confusion.  I am requesting 3 pages

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