Here Are The Results Of A Survey Of Magazine Readers A Total Of 95 People Were I

Here are the results of a survey of magazine readers . A total of 95 people were included in the survey .29 read Popular Mechanics26 read Esquire*34 read Sports Illustrated12 read Popular Mechanics and Esquire*10 read Popular Mechanics and Sports Illustrated*5 read all three magazines .32 don’t read any of the magazinesread Esquire , you can figure what the sum of 2 of the 3 missing numbers add up to . That gives you enough information to finish filling in a number in all regions of the Venn diagram . )*How many read ONLY Popular Mechanics ?"How many read ONLY Popular Mechanics and Esquire ?"How many read exactly 2 of the 3 magazines ?"How many read ONLY Esquire ?*How many read both Esquire and Sports Illustrated ?"

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