Here Is The Case Senario

Please help me answer the following three questions for Business Law class, about Tort liabilities.  Here is the case senario:

Fresh Foods (FF) is a medium-sized specialty grocery business located in the coastal city of Seaside. FF sells only fresh produce, poultry, seafood, dairy, and bakery goods. All fresh products are purchased locally. Bakery products are baked on the FF premises. FF also provides catering for residential parties and business events using only FF products.

You and your sibling, Taylor, together own and operate the grocery and catering businesses.

The FF grocery store is busy and heavily trafficked with customers every day. You and Taylor are concerned about potential accidents on the store property and other liabilities that could arise with customers and employees.  You both believe you need to make some changes to reduce FF’s liabilities.

You volunteer to develop a plan to identify and minimize potential tort risks that FF faces in its grocery store operations. You and Taylor will use the plan to begin updating and refining store policies and procedures to prevent and/or minimize liabilities for FF.


  1. identify and describe specific tort liabilities that FF faces in its grocery store operations;
  2. develop and explain policies and/or procedures FF could implement to prevent or minimize these tort risks;
  3. evaluate and discuss how you will orient employees to apply these policies and/or procedures to prevent or minimize identified tort risks.

Thank you

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