Here Is The First Discussion 5

Hello again, I have 2 assignments for your assistance. Here is the first 

– Discussion 5: Interpretation (Multimedia, Installation and Performance Art)

– This assignment continues your journey from Weeks 1 through 4 about learning how to see and compare/contrast, but now encouraging you to interpret.

– Choose any image from the list below and do a formal analysis (Discuss, as needed, Line, Shape and Form, Space, Texture, Value and Light, Color, Time, Repetition, Variety, Rhythm, Balance, Compositional Unity, Emphasis, Economy and/or Proportion). – Then, based on your own independent research through scholarly websites or books, consider any of the following, in detail:

symbolism, political meaning,theological meaning,sociological meaning,philosophical meaning.- Try to help us understand how any of these factors can be seen in the image you choose, i.e. where is the symbolism or the political meaning? How so?

– Select any one image from the following.Ron Mueck, “In Bed,” (Zalenski/Fisher, p. 17)W. Eugene Smith, “Tomoko in a Bath,” 1972 (Zalenski/Fisher, p.34)Dary Jampijimpa, “Burrowing Skink Dreaming”, 1986 (Zalenski/Fisher, p. 40)Soo-ja Kim, “Lie on the Nature,” 1994 (Zalenski/Fisher, p. 43) Note: this is an image from a performance piece.Jackson Pollack “Number 1, 1948”, 1948 (Zalenski/Fisher, p. 46)Diego Rivera, “Flower Day”, 1925 (Zalenski/Fisher, p. 19)Piet Mondrian, “Composition (B) en Bleu, Jaune at Blanc,” 1936 (Zalenski/Fisher, p. 21)

– Remember: look closely. Look at other reproductions of the image on the web to look even closer. Be very detailed and use the terminology you are learning from your readings within each category. But now interpret! Cite the URL of the web page you are looking at.

– Basically it’s just like the previous assignments, just different subject matter, Thank you for your help!

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