I Dont Need To See It Very Often But When I Do I Have To Be Able To Get At It Q

“I dont need to see it very often , but when I do, I have to be able to get at it quickly. I think we lost the last contract because the information I needed was buried in a stack of paper on someone’s desk somewhere, ” says Isaac, an architect describing the company’s problems to one of the analysts assigned to the new system project. “What I need is instant information about how much a building of that square footage cost the last time we bid it; what the basic materials such as steel, glass, and concrete now cost from our three top suppliers; who our likely competition on this type of the building might be; and who comprises the committee that will be making the final decision on who comprises the committee that will bw making the final decision on who gets the bid. Right now, thought, it’s in a hundred reports somewhere. I have to look all over for it. “

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