I Evidence That Sustainability Is A Critical Part Of The Company S Mission And

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(i) Evidence that sustainability is a critical part of the company’smission, and motivations for issuing a sustainability report. (ii) The scope of the sustainability report. (iii) Attempts to address the GR] content and quality principles, ifapplicable. (iv) Key achievements in sustainability initiatives. (v) Main findings in the assurance or review of the sustainabilityreport by external committees, accounting firms or consultants. (vi) Type of assurance provided for the report. 2. Using the elements described in Part B 1 above provide an overallevaluation of the 2016 Sustainability/Corporate Responsibility Report for your company Part C. Integrated Reporting [3 marks] Sustainability reporting typically only covers 3 of the capitals and not the other 3covered in integrated reporting. For your company, explain how the reportingby the company would need to be extended to embrace full integrated reporting. Part D. Budgeting (5 marks)Hancock, P., Robinson, P., and Bazley. M. 9m ed (2015] Question 10 p527 – 528 10 “1- mam“: 7.: 1 hymrw-tu timi- “ti-’15:?!“ n:.w;u-[lrrrr"f91:- ,ru’ :" PEI-"‘5‘: ’14-, ‘I3:;..v-.(–=i .-‘ Fir-‘5 .y’xi ‘1‘ -.»-v.h .. "I" vs. .<<-.;m:-;-‘. 0- – ‘.’- .. J‘h — "I" "an .4.i».w|-_ev.t-r_ m … .rJ‘ur .-‘,"I’"’—-——" in! [M in: qwtw uni nut fimncqi your The two uh; reprmnzai m p’ov-de 1M Followswg ulm ‘05 iota-gnu" _ Pied “#:fitl- mi ‘5 i 5T immi Di unis [swam asI Ii: 41 "‘ Juiy 100 000 6K: oned, in…“ :50 000 me amsepia-mtg 110 000 act‘- 00:)O: tot-H 160 000 4:00 000 The Pollen-fig death an- :velsble – MWy tom. new-go ’0 or we: 0" ”In Purcham we Wash in (M the evil mom-w" aim and all gg’tggg off and 1‘th month at Ewtw ,_._______.___————————-——— – Milnmon accmmt Mwmwthw mhnmmthdth we Accouflh{uni-bites“ 30m" (om wing-8.0000 . Fru-d ripe-M5 or. $30 000 per! womb and under-e cup-Hm erel pm ton! of u’n Memu-rug upenm au- pond n the Month i." whltk 9W ru- m: ur‘tvd m The company unturned to hmcnh .« bani: .35 51-170 an! ‘. .1“ “~12er aunts tt ‘ – | minor-um Emir: r 0“ f 40" I’m hand 0135000- 0! I}! Ndm "100’" [WayRein-turd a Bropototwocuh Win! L5: to $113th for item-man W bme the Debt»: h Discuss W! the {mom mid do In new eithe- 4:31“er rut-flexes firm no and Dot-b»:-

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