I M Going To Ask That You Switch Roles And Place Yourself In The Position Of Hr

, I’m going to ask that you switch roles and place yourself in the position of HR recruiter. This will be the shortest discussion post of the course.

Scenario: You work for Paradise Health Systems of SoFL and will be recruiting at the Broward County Job Fair for highly sought after Geriatric Nurses. The job fair has already established the hashtag #BrowardWorks for the job fair. You have not used social media for recruitment before now, so you will need to develop a hashtag of your own.  

If you are not familiar with Twitter, research the requirements for a Tweet. 

Post (on our discussion board – not on Twitter!) your tweet for this health fair. Your goal is to let qualified nurses know that you will be recruiting at the job fair. No response to peers is required this time around!

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