I Need 2 Papers On 2 Different Movies The Instructions Are Included Please Let

 I need 2 papers on 2 different movies the instructions are included, please let me know if this is something you are interested in. Thanks! Hopefully you can use movies you’ve already seen that fit the description.  

I’m going to send you some information about the final term paper in the movie class.  I will be asking you to write the paper and choose the movie to be written about.  This week we are to turn in our suggestions for the movie that our paper will be written on.  I’ll send you the instructions its just a brief paragraph of why this particular movie is interesting/engaging to you and why it should be relevant to the reader.     Using some of the ideas of persuasion and storytelling that you’re learning in this class, persuade us as to why you should be researching this topic.  Give us something new and compelling about the film or director.  Remember, we can all read the IMDb bio or the Wikipedia page on your topic.  What new ideas, what personal connections, what specific details will you bring to the topic?  What primary sources?Again, this should be short — between 50 and 200 words.  It should fit on a single sheet of paper.  Please do not email me a one-sentence request (e.g. “I want to do Steven Spielberg for my paper tell me if that’s okay.”), instead present a fully-formed idea about your topic, with 3-4 supporting ideas and a conclusion.

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