I Need Full Code F X In Python Write A X In Python Write A X Course Cmpsc Amp

This is one part of all the code I need. Can anyone help me?

@ I Need Full Code F X| @ In Python , Write A X| @ In Python . Write A X| Course : CMPSC & _ X projector – Turtle ( X| CS&_Lecture 74_ Chi X| Homework Help – X| G can i respond to sc X| +X* * https : / / ucsb -cs8 . github . io / w 79 – matni / lab / projector !OStep 4 : Draw a treeIn your projectel . py define a ‘ draw Tree( " function as shown belowdef drawTree ( t , height , color ) :This function uses turtle t to draw a tree of a given height that consists of a rectangular brown barkand a top comprised of three triangles of a given color stacked on top of each other .The bottom left corner of the bark ( or the bottom left corner of the rectangle that the tree fits in ) ,should be the current location of the turtle ."Make no assumptions about the orientation of the turtle ."After drawing the tree the turtle should be returned to its original position and oriented at 8 degrees*ALL other parameters such as the width of the tree and the length of the bark*must be chosen so that the tree is well proportioned : a taller tree is wider and has a thicker and taller bark .. In the spirit of Test Driven Development ( TDD ) style of developing your code , think about how you would test your drawTree ( ) function .". It’s natural to inspect the output visually , making sure your tree " looks right " with the expected shape and color . However it may be harder to tell if its drawnwith the correct dimensions .". To check that write a function check Tree Height ( ) that helps you visually inspect if your tree is drawn with the specified height by drawing it beside arectangle of the same height . Below is one possible implementation of the check TreeHeight ( ) function :"def check TreeHeight ( t ) :t. Up ( )t . goto ( B , – 280 )t . down ( )drawRectangle ( 1 , 200 , 200 , 0 , " red " , " " )t . seth ( B )drawTree ( t , 200 , " green " )if name = = " main*" :*` Type here to search

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