I need some questions answered for my bshs 402 case management class

Case Management Overview, Clientele, and Practice Models[removed]


1.     What is the new practice paradigm? (Hint: This should be a different answer than #2)

Implementation of the Case Management Process


2.       List the steps in the model of case management found in your textbook readings and apply those steps to a case.

Case Management Skills: Interpersonal and Information Gathering Skills, Goal Setting, Intervention, and Evaluation


3.       Describe the process of setting goals.

Case Management Skills: Counseling, Therapy, and Linking of Clients to Services


4.       What is the case manager’s role in developing formal and informal linkages to benefit the client?


Case Management Skills: Reassessment, Outcome Monitoring, Advocacy, and General Case Management Problems


5.       What is the correlation of reassessment, monitoring, and outcome evaluation to the prevention of future problems?