I Need The Two Statements To Be Re Worded So Its Not Considered Plagiarized Bel

******I need the two statements to be re-worded so its not considered plagiarized.. Below there are 2 small statements****

1)  I think there is deceptive statistics here for sure. The main reason I think this to be true is because there is no conclusive evidence to back up the statistics that are given. When first reading this I was sold on the idea presented in this argument, but as I continued to read I noticed that there was no evidence to back up what was being said. This kind of left me in limbo and I wasn’t sure which way to lean.

2)  In the field of culinary arts authority and statistics are very important. Statistics are used often to encourage chefs to look into healthier options and the best techniques to use in order to produce the best product. For example, in the argument of healthier options for customers many restaurants have started serving kale incorporated into their dishes, as well as eliminating potentially harmful ingredients such as corn syrup.

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