I Think Its Supposed To Be A Script That Is 500 Words And Has To Be About The C

I think its supposed to be a script that is 500 words and has to be about the characters and have them act how you actually think they would. maybe there s more to it but I’m so busy I don’t have time to even attempt this. I gave all the info I could and I’m sure it’s not all important but just in case it is there if you need it. It doesn’t have to be perfect I think my teacher will just quickly overlook it. The most important thing is that spelling is correct.  I normally use very simple sentences and don’t have too many commas. My grammar is good but punctuation is not so you don’t need to focus on that.  

-Having completed a character analysis of the Wife of Bath and another of Chaucer’s pilgrims, you will now use this information to develop your own narrative featuring these characters. You will be writing your narrative in the form of a script for a play or film. You may choose to place these characters in a new setting or context, but you will need to retain the fundamental truths about these characters that you have identified above. For instance, you may choose to transform the period of the stories told in The Canterbury Tales and place your stories in a modern setting. (How would the character traits you have identified manifest themselves in a contemporary context?) You could also retain the medieval setting of the original, but develop a new narrative in which you place these characters.

As Chaucer does in The Canterbury Tales, begin with a prologue in which a narrator establishes the context and introduces these two characters. The Wife of Bath and the other pilgrim that you have selected should then relate their own tales, told from a first-person perspective. Through the course of your story, be sure to establish at least three (3) of the character traits that you identified earlier for each of your two main characters.

As you write, consider how you can keep these characters consistent and recognizable while changing one or more of the story’s basic elements. Your tales can be written either in verse form, similar to the version of Chaucer’s poem that you have read, or in more straightforward prose.



-In the space below, write a script of at least 500 words in which the two characters analyzed above appear in a new context or narrative. Each character should relate his or her personal tale from a first-person perspective in the dialogue. As you write, consider how to maintain recognizable characters, consistent with Chaucer’s original pilgrims, when these figures are placed in a new context. The dialogue of the script is how the narrative is revealed. Your writing should establish at least three character traits per character, in order to ensure well-rounded character development.

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