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Biology 164 Slide Presentation


You will prepare a Power Point or Apple Keynote (saved as a Power Point file) slide presentation on a topic approved by the instructor. You should imagine that you’re giving a 10-minute presentation to your classmates. This will be due by the end of Week (7). You may choose any topic from the organ systems that we are studying. For example “The pituitary gland” from the Endocrine System would work well for a topic. You may also choose a disease of the organ system that you are interested in. For example “Diabetes” would be a good disease to present for the Endocrine System. You should select at least two topics you are interested in to reduce chances of redundancy. Your final topic selection must be approved by your instructor.  See the course resources for a sample presentation.

List all references at the end of your presentation. You should use and cite at least three credible references.  References should be listed on a separate slide.

Rubric for Slide Presentation (10% (suggested) of the final grade)

1.Slide Topics (1%)  You will receive 1% for a timely posting under the Week (2)                conference of the two topics that you are interested in. Keep the following points in mind: 1.Choose a system, organ, or disease that you are interested in

2.Focus on specific aspects of the topic, not a comprehensive discussion. Remember that is a 10 minute presentation.

3.Excluded topics include fad diets or pseudoscience (instructor’s choice)

1.Slide Outline (1%)  You will receive 1% for a timely posting in the Conferences during week (4). The outline should be topic style in MS Word format.

1.Depth of Knowledge (5%). You will receive 5% of the final course grade for discussing the following points in your slide presentation (the final presentation should be in MS Power Point or Apple Keynote saved as a Power Point file). 1.Common and scientific names for diseases or organ systems that you discuss

2.Anatomy and Physiology of the organ system

3.Signs and symptoms if you are discussing  a disease

4.Photos, diagrams or short video clip of that illustrates the organ or aspects of the disease that you are presenting.

5.Other pertinent information

1.Slide Preparation (2%).  You will receive 2% of the final course grade for the following points when preparing your presentation: 1.Slides are in a logical sequence

2.Slides have a beginning, middle and end

3.Slides do not detract from the topic of discussion

4.Slides do not have excessive text; recommend using bulleted or outline format

5.Slides do not have any spelling or grammar mistakes

6.Slides do not have excessive multimedia ( no more than one or two short videos per presentation)

7.Slides are pleasing to the eye

8.Slides have the right amount of information (not excessive or insufficient data)

1.References (1%).  You will receive 1% of the final course grade for the following points: 1.At least three references are given

2.You have read and show understanding of the cited references

3.All cited references are valid and can be researched by the instructor or classmates

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