Icdm By Force F 10j Jx Changes Her Rotational Inertia To 50 Kg M2 11 If An Ice

hey can you do # 12 and show step by step please thanks

‘IcdMby force F=-10jJxchanges her rotational inertia to 50 kg.m2?11) If an ice skater has a rotational inertia of 100 kg.m? while spinning with an100(2)angular velocity of 2 rad/s, what is the ice skaters angular velocity if she13) You push on the door knob of a door with a force of 50 N at a distance 1 mWhat is the torque on a particle located at ?=-5i+10 j and acted onfrom the hinge. What is the maximum torque you can put on the door?s/path

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