Identifying The Methods Used To Reinforce Ethical Behavior In Your Workplace Ar

 Identifying the methods used to reinforce ethical behavior in your workplace.  Are the methods discussed successful? Why or why not?  What could be done to make them more successful? If you are not currently in the workforce you may consider previous employment or any situation where you interact with others in a situation that might challenge ethical choices.  Review the rubric associated with this assignment for specific grading criteria.

1- identify and discuss at least one  or two method used to reinforce ethical behavior in your workplace.

2-Discuss the success of the method(s) used and address the question why are they or why are they not successful at reinforcing ethical behavior.

3-Discuss methods that could be implemented to make them more successful.

4- Use MLA citation for your work.

5-Write at least 800 words.  

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