If It S On The Internet It Must Be True Obviously Not Believing Everything You

“If it’s on the internet, it must be true!!” Obviously, NOT. Believing everything you see and hear is not going to help you make good decisions for yourself. This assignment gives you practice in analyzing and evaluating places you could get information. The topic is “Where Could I Get Information About What to Do After High School Graduation”?Think of 5 specific information sources – specific people, specific internet sites, etc. For each potential source, analyze how “trustworthy” the source is. Set up your paper like this:Source 1: Name of person or websitea. What makes this person or website reliable/trustworthy/honest?b. What are the credentials of the source – how would they know about the info given?When was this information created/updated? Where was it published?Does the source have anything to gain by giving this information? Is there a reason for them to “slant” the info they’re giving?e. Is the information presented in a logical way? Does it make sense?f. Does more than one reliable source support the information given?…continue with your other four sources the same way.

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