Ignore Income Taxes In This Problem The Management Of Contrell Corp Is Onsideri

Hi, can you help me please….(Ignore income taxes in this problem) The management of Contrell Corp. is onsidering the following three investment projects:Proj. D$81,000$85,000The only outflows are the initial investments in the projects.Rank the investment proj. using the proj. profitability index. Must show work. ThanksProblem 2Spragg Corporation is developing standards for its products. One product requires an input that is purchased for $62.. per kilogram from the supplier. By paying cash, the company gets a discount of 6% off this purchase price. Shipping costs from the supplier’s warehouse amount to $4.45 per kilogram. Receiving costs are $0.50 per kilogram. Each unit of output requrs 0.48 kilogram of this input. The allowance for waste and spoilage is 0.04 kilogram of this input or each unit of output. The allowancce for rejects is 0.13 kilogram of this input for eachunit of out put.Determne the standard price per kilogram of this input. Show work.Detemine the standard kilograms of this input per unit of output Show work. Problem 3The winter Products Division of American sports Corp. produces and markets two products for use i the snow: Sleds and saucers. The following data were gathered on activities last month:Sales in units Sleds: 2,000 saucers: 9,000 Selling price per unit: sleds: $50.00 saucers: $20.00 Variable production cost per unit sleds: $20.00 saucers $5.00 traceable fixed prod. cost:sleds $12,000 saucers $33,000 variable selling expense per unit Sleds:$2.00 sacers $1.00 traceble fixed selling expense sleds: $2,000 saucers $3,000 allocated division administrative expense sleds: $40,000 saucers $72,000 Prepare a segmented income statement in the contribution format for last month.

Proj. B Proj. C Proj. DInvestment required $34,000 $60,000 $81,000Present Value of cash inflows $37,000 $61,800 $85,000The only outflows are the initial investments in the projects.Rank the…

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