Iin This Activity You Will Work On A Medium Revenue Workbook For This You Will


In this activity, you will work on a medium revenue workbook. For this, you will first read the following scenario and then complete the steps given below.

Landholdt Advertising sells advertising space to local companies in Dover, Delaware. They want to keep track of their clients and revenue by using the Medium workbook. One goal of the company is to see by percentage which customer sales are above average. 

They have already created a workbook that contains the customer information organized by advertising medium. They have asked you to complete and format this workbook. Complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Medium workbook. Select the following link to access the Medium workbook: Medium Workbook [XLSX file size 10.9 KB]
  2. In the documentation sheet, enter your name in cell B3 and the date in cell B4.
  3. Set the following formatting to the Documentation sheet 
    1. In cell A1, apply the Title cell style, increase the font size to 24 points, and then change the font color to a medium orange.
    2. Apply the Accent2 cell style to the range A3:A5.
    3. Wrap the text within the range B3:B5, and then left- and top-align the text in the cells.
    4. Set the column width to 27.00.
    5. Change the format of the date in cell B4 to the long date format.
    6. Add borders around all of the cells in the range A3:B5.
  4. Copy the cell format for cell A1 in the Documentation sheet to cell A1 in the Revenue worksheet.
  5. Format cell A3 using the Heading 4 cell style.
  6. Format the range A4:G4 using the Accent2 cell style.
  7. In cell F4, enter the text Total Sales. In cell G4 enter the text Percentage.
  8. Insert a blank row after each type of medium (TV, radio, billboard, Web sites).
  9. For each company, calculate the total sales, which is equal to the number of units multiplied by the price per unit. Store the results in the corresponding rows in column F.
  10. Format the range E5:F24 with the comma style and display two decimal places.
  11. Format the range G5:G24 as percentage with two decimal places.
  12. Merge the cells in the range A5:A8, rotate the text up, and then center-align the cell content both horizontally and vertically. Change the fill color to medium blue, increase the font size to 14 point, and then change the font color to white.
  13. Place a thick box border around the TV related cells in the range A5:G8.
  14. Repeat the previous two steps for the other three mediums.
  15. Calculate the Total Sales for each medium using the AutoSum Formula. Place the result for each medium in the appropriate cell in column F (the new rows created in step 8).
  16. To determine the percent of sales for each customer, divide the sales for that customer by Total Sales for that medium. Use absolute addressing for Total Sales. Format each cell in Column G as a percentage with up to two decimal places.
  17. For each type of Medium, create a Conditional Formatting rule for the percentages (column G) to highlight those percentages that exceed the average in dark green text on a light green fill.
  18. Rename the worksheet Documentation as M5A1 Report
  19. Set the following print formats for the Medium Revenue worksheet:
    1. Change the page orientation to landscape.
    2. Add a footer that prints Prepared by [your name] in the left section, Page page # in the center section, and Revenue by Medium in the right section.
    3. Adjust the column widths so that all columns fit on one page.20. Return the worksheet to Normal View.
  20. Once you have successfully completed all the steps in this assignment, submit your Medium_Revenue workbook.


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