In 2 3 Pages No Quotations 1 Why Was The 1945 1973 Era A Golden Age How Did Wwi

 in 2-3 pages. No quotations.

1. Why was the 1945-1973 era a golden age? How did WWII shrink income inequality?

2.What is income heritability? Why has US upward mobility slowed since the 1970’s?

3.How has women’s increased presence in the labor force both aided and destabilized middle class households?

4.How does Timothy Noah believe immigration has influenced the Great Divergence?

5.How has the slowdown of gains in educational attainment affected increasing inequality?

6.What distinguishes manufacturing offshoring from the offshoring of services in terms of their impact on  


7.What is social equality? How is it different from income inequality?

8. Provide an example of the role the federal government has played in the Great Divergence?

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