In 750 To 1250 Words How Do The Political Economic And Cultural Effects Shape H

(In 750 to 1250 words) How do the political, economic and cultural effects shape how non-Western women experience feminism?

After reading the four articles below answer the question above

1.     Ahikire, Josephine. “African Feminism in Context: Reflections on the Legitimation battles, Victories and Reversals.”  Feminist Africa. Issue 19. (September 2014), pp. 7- 23.

2.     Alexander-Floyd, Nikol G., and Simien, Evelyn M. “Revisiting “What’s in a Name?”: Exploring the Contours of African Womanist Thought.” Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies, Volume 27, Number 1, 2006, pp. 67-89. University of Nebraska Press.

3.     Bryan, Beverly, Dadzie, Stella and Scafe, Suzanne. “Chain Reactions: Black Women Organizing,” The Heart of the Race – Black Women’s Lives in Britain, pp.42-44. Bryan, Beverly, Dadzie, Stella and Scafe, Suzanne. Ed. London: Virago Press, 1985.

4.     Mekgwe, Pinke. Theorizing African Feminism(s): The ‘Colonial’ Question, Quest: An African Journal of Philosophy.  Issue XX. (2008), pp. 11-22.

Ans. By talking about the experience of non-western women, it can be asserted that theposition of black women is more traumatic than white due to the prevalent discourse ofracial discrimination….

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