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ENGL100_Assignment 2_Version O3 (15%)


Complete the given tasks. Please write your answers in the boxes provided.

  1. Choose one of the topics below.

Topic 1: Working abroad

Topic 2: Internet Influence on Kids

Topic 3: Family Vacations

Write the topic that you have selected in this box.



  1. Choose the prewriting technique that you will use. (5 pts)

In this box, write the name of the prewriting technique that you have selected.



  1. Prewrite on the selected topic. (10 pts)

Prewrite in this box.














  1. Write your outline based on your prewriting. (25 pts)

Write your answers in this box.

Topic sentence:

Major Support 1:

Minor Support:

Major Support 2:

Minor Support:

Major Support 3:

Minor Support:


  1. Write a well-developed paragraph (120-160 words) based on your outline using one of the methods of organization. (60 pts)

Write your paragraph in this box.














  • Complete ALL the tasks above.
  • Submit your work as a file on your course Moodle page. The deadline is September 06, 2020 at 5 pm.



Criteria Points
Prewriting (the name of the prewriting technique is selected, and the student used it correctly) 15
Outline (main idea is stated; 3 major supporting details are provided; minimum 1 minor detail for each major one is provided) 25
Paragraph is original (not copied) 10
Paragraph has unity. 10
Paragraph is well supported:

3 major supporting details are given.

1-3 minor supporting details for each major one are provided.

Supporting details are specific.

Paragraph is coherent:

Method of organization is clear (time order, emphatic order or combination)

3-5 transition words are used appropriately.

Student demonstrates good sentence skills (spelling / punctuation / grammar) 10
Total 100