Instructions For Journals For The Rest Of Semester For The 157sl Journals You L

 Instructions for journals for the rest of semester

For the 157SL journals, you’ll reflect on (a) the 157SL course materials, i.e. readings, documentaries, class activities; and (b) your site experience, i.e. what you do, observe, experience, and learn during your community service.

In general, all journal entries for 157SL must be:

  • A minimum of 550 words and a maximum of 750 words. Calculate and list your word count at the top of the page. Do not include the prompt in your word count.
  • Complete. Your journal entry must sufficiently address the prompt and/or the assignment requirements. It should present a sufficiently developed argument using the required resources.
  • Clear. You should present an argument that logically progresses from one point to the next. Your claims should be well supported with good/strong evidence from proper sources.
  • Correct. Your journal entry should be accurate. It should be free of errors, whether in reasoning, grammar, typography, etc.
  • Compelling. To receive a grade of “excellent,” your journal entry should go beyond simply “checking off the boxes” to present arguments, insights, and/or reflections that are thought-provoking and reflective. Ideally you should demonstrate a deep and/or novel understanding of the material.

 The assignment: 

This week’s PROMPT on income inequality:

  1. Go to the Economic Policy Institute’s interactive map “Inequality in the United States (Links to an external site.)” and select California as the state/region. Look over the data. What surprises you? Choose another state and look over the data. How does it compare with California?
  2. Based on (a) the readings you completed on economic inequality (click links on end of this paragraph)  and (b) the documentary screened in class on economic inequality (Inequality for All,  ), what are some of the factors contributing to economic inequality in the United States today? Make explicit reference to the readings and the documentary, but do not include any quotes. Instead, put everything into your own words.

  1. What approaches do you think that we, as a society, should adopt to address economic inequality in the United States, and why?
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