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 Instructions: Kholberg’s Moral Development

Visit the website:, which presents four moral dilemmas and a series of questions. Select one dilemma, answer the questions, and evaluate your level of moral reasoning on the basis of research in the text.

Next, select a moral dilemma and ask a friend, roommate, or family member to read it and respond to the questions. You should then classify that individual’s level of moral reasoning.

Finally, reflect on the activity. Do they think these moral dilemmas accurately assess moral reasoning? Why or why not? Reflect on your own moral code. Where did you learn this? What influences determined your moral reasoning? Think about and consider factors that impact development as discussed in this course (income/SES, culture, religion, family structure, town/city/county/state factors, educational access, etc.).

Use the questions on the website as a guide to write a unified essay. DO NOT submit the questions and answers only. You will be writing a paper with the results. Your essay should be in APA format, a minimum of full 2 pages in length, and follow standard formatting for college-level writing (1” margins, 12 pt. font, double spaced, Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri font only).

There should be NO abstract as this is not a formal research paper with several sections. Be sure you include both perspectives and they are clearly identified in your paper. Please use internet resources along with your textbook Berk, L. (2018). Exploring Lifespan Development, 4 rd Edition. Pearson Publishers.)Number of Pages: 2 PagesAcademic Level: CollegePaper Format: APA 

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