Intj A Is My Personality Trait If You Had To Describe Who You Are As A Future P

(INTJ-A) is my personality trait.

If you had to describe who you are as a future professional in your career field, what would you say? This lesson has prepared you to this description in three categories: personality, values, and learning style. Use what you have learned to a poster that describes who you are in these three categories. Your poster should include the following information:

Personality Describe your personality type. Highlight the areas where you think the type description applies to you most strongly. How will your career allow you to express these traits?

Values Highlight your most important career values. How will your career allow you to express these values?

Learning Preferences Highlight your top two learning preferences. Based on your learning preferences, what techniques wil be most successful for you when you must learn new information “on the job”?

Your poster should use appropriate graphics and other items to display some information visually. Consider using an online graphic design program such as Canva or JukeboxPrint. Or, use clip art and/or templates in Microsoft Word. However you choose to your poster, you must convert it to .PDF for upload to the dropbox.

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