L As Per Our Discussion In Class I Am Pushing Off The Deadline To This Paper Bu

I need a family assessment paper based on these informations in the attached photo below

‘l.As per our discussion In class, I am pushing off the deadline to this paper but still recommend you complete It by April 15 [orWednesday. April 1?). so that you do not have to think about it over spring break. It is officially due on Monday, April 29. 2. Family Info: The Adam’s family was recommended for treatment because of their daughter. 1?‘-year-old Sarah was intreatment for her 0CD, anxiety and mild depression. Sarah’s therapist suggested that the family come in for family therapybecause Sarah’s problems stemmed from environmental stressors and early attachment trauma. The Adam’s family consists of mom, dad, jesslca {25), Rachel [24), Noah [23), Becky {21), Sarah [1?], Liz (12}, Sammy (9]. Thepresenting problems include: ‘1) Emotional neglect- dad works long hours, mom has Borderline Personality Disorder with narcissistic features. The childrenhave had to look out for their own validation and emotional support. Dad presents as emotionally healthy but is busy caring for mom to focus on the children.2] Physical neglect- mom does not believe it is her responsibility to prepare food, clean, do homework. or care for the children. There is food in the house and laundry detergent but the children need to cook and wash things on their own or with the helpof the older children. 3) Poor boundaries- because of the neglect the children have taken on the role of ‘parent’ in varying capacities. 0f the olderchildren, Becky feels the most responsible for the families emotional and physical well-being. 4) High level of interpersonal conflict between the parents and the siblings. The reason the Adam’s are seeking treatment is because Sarah’s therapist has told Mr. and Mrs. Adam that Sarah cannotcontinue treatment without it. Sarah’s therapist became concerned during a session that Mom and Dad joined. She felt that asmuch progress that Sarah makes, it will be stunted by her family. The change cannot come only from her. 3. Be sure to include an analysis from 2 different forms offamily treatment. For example. According to the Bowen FamilySystems Theory, family problem stems from either rigid or collapsed boundaries. OR The emotional triangles were evident inthe Adam’s family. OR Based on the various parts of psychoanalytic family therapy, the Adam’s are struggling with a number ofunconscious drives and lack conscious awareness to function without using defenses or emotional responses that they do notfully understand. 0R According to drive theory, people {especially children) do what they can to avoid hurt at all costs. OR TheInsecure attachment that all the children have experienced has caused a lack of separation-individuatlon and led to nodifferentiated self.

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