Look Ho S Here 4 F Aw Bmaav I F M New Mp But Me Not Name Ma Mom Drgmiwhtion J

Analyze in detail the last page of Maus (attached).

Please help me with this essay question. I need to analyze the last page of Maus that I don’t quite understand.

‘ .Look «Ho’s HERE . 4 F aw Bmaaflvfi’fl’iéfi‘f’m {new MP“- BUT me not name ,ma mom DRGMIW—HTION . ‘ J ‘_:T— ‘ ‘2“ Will?" 1!!!! :1 was Sun a momem ma?"emvsm aawflb W35 (meme «goes-mm warm 05 -21-; 1.1232332: a:fi:=.fi‘-.-.’3 .J. .’ ‘ – 9 FROM Tamasmcmau.’ W’fi‘mm mates EUR now… I ‘. . n I r. ”we ‘.:I. f’ ”.- .. 1,7I . .1 mum-r5911)? W ‘i‘11:: gem-[Am “mm": 11’1‘ " I“L “HIIIILJH‘HHHHI -a

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