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I was having trouble with this homework question. Could you please help?

“<— —) G Gr 62’“ htlps:fjnewconhectmheducation.comffiow/connect.html °°’ E if Q Search ||| ED 5 Chapter 3 0 saved Help Sana. Exit Submit An analyst must decide between two different forecasting techniques for weekly sales of roller blades: a linear trend equation and thenaive approach, The linear trend equation is Ft :122 + 20!, and it was developed using data from periods 1 through 10, Based on data for periods 11 through 20 as shown in the table, which ofthese two methods has the greater accuracy if MAD and MSE are used? 5 [Round your intermediate calculations and final answers to 2 decimal places.}pointst Units Soldsnpmm 11 14712 14513 15114 145eBook 15 15515 152an 17 15613 15719 15a20 167 HAD {Naive}HAD (Linear)MSE (Naive)HSE (Linear) [Click to select) I provides forecasts w’Fth less average error and less average squared error. < Prey 3M 5! Next >

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