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Consider a past situation where you were a member of a team that was involved in a project. Ideally, this situation should be where you currently work. However, you can use any situation or experience in your personal life as well. If you are at a loss of thinking of a scenario – then you may choose to make up a project that may be of interest to you instead.

  • Describe the overall project goals and your role in the project.
  • Explain how the project scope was clearly defined at the beginning of the project or how it was not clearly defined.
  • Prepare and share with us a listing of deliverables from your project. Offer at least 4 deliverables and two work packages per deliverable. Identify the WBS code accordingly. For example:

Breakdown      Description                                 WBS Code

Project             Project Title                                1.0

Deliverable 1   Deliverable 1 Description          1.1

WP1                First Work Package                   1.1.1

WP2               Second Work Package               1.1.2

Deliverable 2  Deliverable 2 Description           1.2

WP1               First Work Package                    1.2.1

WP2               Second Work Package              1.2.2

  • Finally, complete a quick google search, and locate a website (that appears credible) that presents an example WBS. Share the link with your peers along with a sentence or two related to how their WBS aligns to the typical structure of a WBS as presented in the week introduction.


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