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Marketing Communication and Brand Strategy

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Purpose of Assignment

This assignment is designed to help students understand the interrelationships between brand strategy and the communication message to the target audience.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Marketing Plan and Outline

Develop a minimum 700-word branding strategy and marketing communication plan in Microsoft Word. This document should address at least 5 elements of the Situational Analysis and the Product, Place/Distribution, Promotion, and Price Strategies (modified below) sections of the marketing plan (from the Situational Analysis and the Product, Place/Distribution, Promotion, and Price Strategies lists below). The five elements you select should only come from the options provided below. You must include a measurement of customer loyalty and retention in your strategy document. You may include more than the minimum to provide clarity and coherence to your document. 

o   Situational Analysis:

o   Vision , Mission, Strategic objectives, Values

o   Strengths/Weaknesses

o   Competitor’s Strengths/Weaknesses

o   Market Segments

o   Product, Place/Distribution, Promotion, and Price Strategies:

o   Creating a Brand Image

o   Maintaining Brand Image

o   Branding Concerns

o   Promotion/Integrated Marketing Communication

o   Advertising Strategy/Objectives

o   Push and Pull

o   Media Strategy

o   Advertising Execution

o   Public Relations/Strategies

Bottom of Form

Note: Charts/graphs/tables do not count toward the word count.

The plan will be a continuation of your global or multi-regional business you chose in Week 1. This will be incorporated into your overall marketing plan for Week 6.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. 

Submit your assignment.

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