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  • This is an individual assignment for 10 Marks.
  • Please note that it is a Turnitin assignment. Students are required to keep the plagiarism percentage below 20%. Provide citation wherever necessary.
  • Students can use charts / tables / diagrams wherever necessary.
  • The assignment must be submitted on E-Learning. Deadline for submitting the assignment is 30th November 2020 before 12.00 pm.

Your assignment involves three separate parts.
Part 1 – Setting up a Retail Store (04 Marks)
Imagine you are starting your own brick and mortar retail store. In doing so, there are a lot of things to take into consideration:

  1. The name of your store.
  2. The type of merchandise you will stock.
  3. The lighting you will install and why.
  4. The furniture and fixtures you will utilize.
  5. The store layout you will use.
  6. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the layout you choose.
  7. Describe the overall customer experience the lighting, furniture, fixtures, and store layout creates.
  8. Competitor Analysis

Fill out the chart below for two competitors:

Competitor #1
Competitor #2
 Overview Overview
 Vison/Strategy Vison/Strategy
Additional Value Additional Value
 Target Market Target Market

What will be your strategy to deal with the competition?
Write an essay that addresses all of the above. Be sure to appropriately cite any sources of information.
Part 2: Evaluating Retailers’ Websites: (04 Marks)
Part 3: Retailing in the times of Covid 19: (02 Marks)
How Covid 19 has affected the Retail Industry? Also suggest innovative strategies used by retailers for surviving in such unprecedented times. You need to give examples to support your answer