Medea Euripides The Following Task Will Require Your Knowledge And Understand

“Medea” – Euripides

The following task will require your knowledge and understanding of the book “Euripides & Medea” only accept this if you already read the book before.

Task: To create a detailed understanding of the sections off the play

Work limit: All depends on the question and how much is needed to answer each question.

Section One: Setting The Scene


Find quotes for each element of your analysis and embed these in your writing (if possible)

Give a detailed account of Medea as she appears in this opening section by answering these questions:

·        What is Medea’s background? (use the Nurse’s speech and your notes)

·        What is her present situation (think deeply about her predicament and options)

·        What does Medea look like?

·        What is her emotional state, her character and mood – is she reacting emotionally or reasonably?

·        What are her views and values? (what motivates her, what does she believe in or stand for)

·        Do you find her behaviour in this opening section justifiable?

Secondary characters (THIS SECTION AND “Overall” IS DUE IN 26 HOURS FROM POST)

Give a detailed description of:

·        The Tutor– role, physical appearance, character, views and values.

·        The Chorus– role, physical appearance, character, views and values.


·        What methods or techniques does Euripides use to entertain and influence his audience (think of nature imagery, seas imagery, mythical references, the style of manner of speak, the selection of characters?)

·        How does Euripides want this audience to react?

Section Two: further problems (THIS IS DUE ON THE DUEDATE/ TUESDAY 12PM)

Find quotes for each element of your analysis and embed these in your writing (if possible)

  1. Medea and Creon (pp. 57-60)

Consider the following prompts

·        What is Creon’s opinion of Medea?

·        How does Medea present herself to Creon? (pg.57)

·        Define her arguments and manner (p.58)

·        Note the ploys Medea uses to persuade Creon – begging (supplication) and her children (pg 59) is Medea using reason or emotion to get what she wants?

2. Medea considers her options (pp.60-1)

Consider the following prompts

·        What does the stage direction (p.60) suggest about Medea’s character and methods?

·        What qualities does Euripides show in Medea’s character at this point – look for eveidence of detemination, fury, pride, cunning, the golds, fear of homelessness.

·        How does Euripides use of language to create mood and effect?

·        Consider the Chorus (pp.61-2) do they support Medea? How do they sum up her situation?

3. Jason’s opening scene

·        What is his background and now, what are his present circumstances in Corinth?

·        What is his manner – how does he present himself?

·        Describe the structure of this scene i.e long specches b/w Jason Medea

·        Give particular attention to Jason’s speech on pp. (64-5) What are his arguments? Do you detect any inconsistencies?

·        Is wat he states reasonable? Provide reasoning.

·        Is there any element of, at best, self-interest or at worst, selfishness in his character?

·        Does Jason behave like good husband or an ambitious man? Provide reasoning.

4. Medea’s response (pp.62-67) (read and re-read these pages)

·        What is your impression of Medea’s opening response to Jason?

·        Is she acting according to reason, emotion or both?

·        What are her arguments and explain her motivations as conveyed in this opening speech?

·        The Chorus responds to this drama- what conclusions do they make and where are their sympathies?

A extra reward/tip will be provided after the completion of this work.

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