Merge Amp Center 60 30 Conditional Format Call Insert Delete Formatting As Tabl

help me understand the chi square test chart. I need help where it says all the points are needed.

* * Merge & Center *6030Conditional FormatCallInsertDeleteFormatting as TableStyles+ | X V fx| 0. 01ABCAA2ABAGANDALE`AFChi – Square TestIs exam score independent of race ?*Data for you to use as input is in the picture to the night .Observed FrequenciesObserved FrequenciesExam ScoreRacePassedFalledTotal`TotalEntering values comacthy into table (10 points )White Candidates163 3Minority Candledates2534Access this helpful video . VideoTotalTotalExpected FrequenciesDO NOT touch the non-blue areas of the tables .OTotal#DIVAO!10# DIVPOI*#DIVAOIL# DIV /O !ADIVAON#DIV /OILTotal*#DIVAOL#DIV /OIL#DIV /OILE32Data*EE34 Level of Significance*Entering comence alpine Malue { points .*35 Number of Rows*36 Number of Columns37| Degrees of FreedomInsaint final judgment and interpretation mone*^38Results( 8 points )40 Critical Value*#NUMIAT Chi -Square Test Statistic*0.0000AZ D – Value*1.0000Do not reject the null hypothesisAA4.5A^`

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