Module 3 White Collar Crimes Vs Street Crime Vanessa P Martinez Scholars And Th

 Module 3 White Collar Crimes vs. Street Crime

Vanessa P Martinez,

Scholars and the general public differ intellectually, ideologically, and politically in their definitions and views of crime, and a significant aspect of American society is its heavy emphasis on economic success. In this context, the pressure to succeed and to keep corporate profits up drives many to commit white-collar crimes. Moreover, white-collar crimes are often dismissed as just another shrewd business practice by an ambitious executive in order to keep ahead of competitors. In contrast, many individuals have been victims of street crimes or know such victims. The results of a direct physical assault or a burglarized home are relatively easy to observe. What is your opinion on the subject? Make sure to cite your sources (use Miller as one of your sources) AND respond to at least one classmate with substantive “discussion”. 

Abstract taken from; Is Street Crime More Serious Than White-Collar Crime? (From Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Crime and Criminology, Fifth Edition, P 52-78, 1998, Richard C. Monk, ed. — See NCJ-183062)

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