Need 1000 Words Very Fast 14 1 Describe What Is Meant By The Human Factors Why

 need 1000 words very fast  

14.1 describe what is meant by the human factors , why is it important to consider human factors in the design ? when in the system of life cycle it is considered and why ?

14.2 describe the process that leads to the identification of human functional requirements in performance of system operations and maintenance ?

14.3 describe each thing and provide an example to the system design 

a) anthropometric factors

b)human sensory factors 

14.9 describe the each with the purpose application  and information acquitted through its applications 

a) operation task analysis 

b)operational sequence diagram 

c)error analysis 

d) safety hazard analysis 

14.12 how does ota relates to mta if (at all) ?

14.13 how does safety hazard analysis relates to fmeca ( at all )?

17.1 define life cycle cost in your own words , what is included ?

17.3 why is life cycle cost so important ? 

17.5 describe steps involving in the accomplishing a life cycle cost analysis ? 

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