Need Someone Good With Statistics And Has The Spss Software Believe It Or Not S

**NEED: Someone good with Statistics and has the SPSS software!!!!

Believe it or not, SPSS is a software that is a lot of fun to use. Some may think of it as a spreadsheet pre-programmed with the mathematical formulas researchers need to generate the types of statistics you are familiar with in research articles (such as correlation co-efficients). As you build your experience with SPSS through this course, remember there are resources on Campus to support your first steps. You may always use the Ask Your Instructor if you get stuck. Let us get started exploring all that this tool can do!

After completing this unit’s readings, review the “Chapter Summary Organized by Learning Objective” section near the end of each Privitera chapter. These pages will provide you with a general overview of each chapter and may offer an additional perspective on learning the materials. For this discussion, answer each of the questions below. Remember to answer all of the questions listed. Answer the questions in complete sentences and number each question to correspond with the question number in the text. Remember to place all answers in APA style, and pay special attention to technical notations and formatting.

Complete questions 19 and 25 in Chapter 1, “End of Chapter Problems, pages 26–29. Provide a rationale for your answers.

Complete questions 12, 21, and 33 in Chapter 2, “End of Chapter Problems,” pages 60–65.

In order to answer these questions, you will need to load and utilize SPSS. It is recommended that you complete the “SPSS in Focus” exercises found throughout the chapters in order to facilitate mastery of the discussion questions.

Hint: Consider completing some of the even-numbered questions as practice too, because the answers are in the back of the book.

Refer to the Copy/Export Output Instructions (in the Resources) to help you copy and paste the SPSS output tables into your discussion.

Discuss any successes, shortcuts, challenges, or difficulties you had when completing the problems.

Be sure to include your output tables in your discussion.

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