Privacy is the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.  The state of being freesfrom the public attention and protect from one’s privacy. Privacy provides you with the tools you need to access and monitor your financial information.  Privacy matters even if you have nothing to hide. Everyone deserves and can keep their privacy away from others like the government.

I disagree with the problem nothing to hide argument is the underlying assumption that privacy is about hiding bad things.  First of all, everyone has secrets rather they are good or bad.  People have the rights to hide whatever they want to hide if it just about them. I am a private person and I don’t care to share my personal information with anyone unless it is protected. Nobody should be able to take naked pictures of you without your consent. If you do decide to take naked pictures then that is your business and they should be protected.   I think it should be a limit to what the government can pull up about you. Privacy do matters no matters what state you live in.  I have my rights to my privacy and don’t care to share them with the government or anybody else.  Just because you hide something, doesn’t mean it something that can hurt you are anybody else. I do feel thegovernment does get too personal in people’s business. I wonder if the people that work with the government have to tell their information before they get the job. The government gathering and using personal data is distortion. Personal information can reveal quite a lot about people’s personalities and activities. In other words, the government can find stuff on you and it mayreflect your job.  The government might start monitoring some phone calls and some trips.   In my opinion, I think that is wrong.  Why should they monitor people private calls?  The government has issues going on with them and they wouldn’t share them with the public.

This essay is an arguing essay because you know thegovernment doesn’t want you to have privacy.  They want to access all of your information rather you want them to or not.  The government says if you did something ten years ago thenthey can find out. Blackmail can hurt you to.   People who blackmail you can get access to all of your personal information.  We have to watch out for them too. I feel once they invades you privacy it not private no more. In fact, all of your information is out in the open.  Some television stars and singers don’t care if their privacy information gets out. But, you have people that will do anything for money. You will surveillance everywhere but they should only be out where you can see them.  Thegovernment gleans information about us that we might indeed wish was conceal.  The government will take something and pieces it together and assume this is what you doing or what you have. Just like on social media every day something on their about somebody business and it don’t be true. Privacy is not about hiding bad things.   Privacy is rarely lost in one fell swoop. It is usually eroded over time, little bits dissolving almost imperceptibly until we finally begin to notice how much is gone. We do have to worry about privacy on the internet. Something we post on the internet can harm us in the long run. Something we post on the internet can sometime affect our job, school, and our children. Over the years people would never think the government will do stuff like this. If the government goes as far as to monitor my money in the banks, I will be upset.  We as people work for a living so I think what we save is our business.  If the government gets my information, I do think they need to keep it private. If they can’t keep it private then they should not go digging for my information. I do not want my life to be an open book. If I choose to tell you something that private then that will be my fault.

You should be concerned about privacy if you have something to hide or nothing to hide.  Once your information get out nothing remain private no more. Be careful who you give your information to. The government should protect your privacy instead of using it.