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textbook:fundamentals of management – seventh edition- by ricky w. griffin. 


1-5    Answer the five Questions for Review on pages 145 and 146.

6-8    Answer the first three questions under Questions for Analysis on page 146.

9-12  Read the case study on Facebook on pages 148-149.  Answer the four case questions at the end of the case study.

13     What franchise would you want to open? Why?



1.     Describe the similarities and differences between entrepreneurial firms and large firms in terms of their job creation and innovation.


2.     What characteristics make and industry attractive to entrepreneurs? Based on these characteristics, which industries are most attractive to entrepreneurs?


3.     Describe recent trends in new business start-ups.


4.     What are the different sources of advice for entrepreneurs? What type of information would an entrepreneur be likely to get from each source?


5.     What are the basic reasons why small business succeed and what are the basic reasons they fail?


6.     Entrepreneurs and small sbuinesses play a variety of important roles in society. If these roles are so important, do you think that the government should do more to encourage the development of small businesses? Why or why not?


7.     Consider the four major reasons for new business failure. What actions can entrepreneurs take to minimize or avoid each cause of failure?


8.     The US automative industry is well established, with several large and many small competitors. Describe the unexploited niches in the US auto products that fill those niches.



Attached questions 9-12.




13     What franchise would you want to open? Why?