Statistics homework help

Write a 750-word statistical report that includes the following sections:

  • Section 1: Scope and descriptive statistics
  • Section 2: Analysis
  • Section 3: Recommendations and Implementation

Section 1 – Scope and descriptive statistics

  • State the report’s objective.
  • Discuss the nature of the current database. What      variables were analyzed?
  • Summarize your descriptive statistics findings from      Excel. Use a table and insert appropriate graphs.

Section 2 – Analysis

  • Using Excel, create scatter plots and display the      regression equations for the following pairs of variables:
  • “BachDeg%” versus “Sales/SqFt”
  • “MedIncome” versus “Sales/SqFt”
  • “MedAge” versus “Sales/SqFt”
  • “LoyaltyCard(%)” versus “SalesGrowth(%)”
  • In your report, include the scatter plots. For each      scatter plot, designate the type of relationship observed      (increasing/positive, decreasing/negative, or no relationship) and      determine what you can conclude from these relationships.

Section 3: Recommendations and implementation

  • Based on your findings above, assess which expansion      criteria seem to be more effective.Could any expansion criterion be      changed or eliminated? If so, which one and why?
  • Based on your findings above, does it appear as if the      Loyalty Card is positively correlated with sales growth? Would you      recommend changing this marketing strategy?
  • Based on your previous findings, recommend marketing      positioning that targets a specific demographic. (Hint: Are younger people      patronizing the restaurants more than older people?)
  • Indicate what information should be collected to track      and evaluate the effectiveness of your recommendations. How can this data      be collected? (Hint: Would you use survey/samples or census?)

Cite references to support your assignment.