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Write a 500 word, five-paragraph comparison-contrast essay on one of the assigned topics. Follow all the rules of MLA essays and make sure your essay is organized and developed properly.

Topics (choose one):

1. Contrast yourself with a sibling. Do NOT state the obvious (we are both girls, we have the same parents, we both have brown eyes, etc.). Focus on what makes you different despite the fact that you were raised similiarly.

2. Contrast two family members of the same “position” (two grandmothers, two aunts, two uncles, two cousins, etc.)

3. Contrast two coaches, teachers, classes

4. Compare two jobs you have held

5. Compare two relationships (friendships, people you have dated, mentorship, etc.)

6. Contrast two places you have lived (the physical places, area of the world, rural vs. urban, with roommates vs. by yourself)  Make sure to use MLA format (see sample on pages 488-496 of the Little, Brown Handbook). Unlike the sample, your essay should NOT contain research, but should have plenty of support from your life experiences. Make sure the heading and page numbering are correct as well as the indentations and spacing.